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re the sand-hills of the peninsula, covered wi


th the walls and roofs of the great city of


the Pacific Coast. The steamer moved on and


on through the Golden Gate; and in less than an hour

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from the time of leaving the dock, she dropped her pilot, the gangway passage was closed, and her prow pointed to the westward for a voyage of five thousand miles. DROPPING THE PILOT. DROPPING THE PILOT. "What a lovely picture!" said the Doctor, as he waved his hand towards the receding shore. [Pg 50] "Why do they call th

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at the Golden Gate?" Fred asked. THE GOLDEN GATE. THE GOLDEN GATE. "Because," was the reply, "it is, or was, the entrance to the land of gold. It was so named after the discovery of gold in California, and until he completion of the Overland railway it was the principal pathway to the country where everybody expected to make a fortune." "It is v

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ery wide, and easy of navigation," the Doctor continued, "and yet a stranger might not be aware of its existence, and might sail by it if he did not know where to look for the harbor. A ship must get well in towards the land before the Golden Gate is visible." "How long shall we be on the voyage, Doctor?" "

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If nothing happens," he answered, "we shall see the coast of Japan in about twenty days. We have five thousand miles to go, and I understand the steamer will make two hundred and fifty miles a day in good weather." "Will we stop anywhere on the way?" "There is not a stopping-place on the whole route


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. We are not yet out of sight of the Golden Gate, and already we are steering for Cape King, at the entrance of Yeddo Bay. There's not even an island, or a soli

tary rock on our course." "I thought I had read about an island where the steamers intended to stop," Fred remarked. "So you have," was the reply; "an island was discovered some years ago, and was named Brook's Islan

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d, in honor of its discoverer. It was thought at first that the place might be convenient as a coaling station, but it is too far from the track of the steamers,

and, besides, it has no harbor where ships can anchor. [Pg 51] "There is a curious story in connection with it. In 1816 a ship, the Canton, sailed from Sitka, and was supposed

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to have been lost at sea, as she never reached her destination. Fifty years later this island was discovered, and upon it was part of the wreck of the Canton. There w

ere traces of the huts which were built by the crew during their stay, and it was evident that they constructed a smaller vessel from the

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fragments of the wreck, and sailed away in it." "And were lost in it, I suppose?" "Undoubtedly, as nothing has ever been heard from them. They did not

leave any history of themselves on the island, or, at any rate, none was ever found." IN THE FIRE-ROOM. IN THE FIRE-ROOM. At this moment the steward


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rang the preparatory bell for dinner, and[Pg 52] the conversation ended. Half an hour later dinner was on the table, and the passengers sat down to it. The company was not a large one, and there was abundant room and abundant food for everybody. The captain was at the head of the table, and the purser at the foot, and between them were the various passengers in the sea

ts which had been reserved for them by the steward. The passengers included an American consul on his way to his post in China, and an American missionary, bound for the same country. There were several merchants, intere

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sted in commercial matters between the United States and the Far East; two clerks, going out to appointments in China; two sea-captains, going to take command of ships; a doctor and a mining engineer in the service of the Japanese government; half a dozen "globe-trotters," or tourists; and a very mysterious and nondescript individual, whom we shall know more about

as we proceed. The consul and the missionary were accompanied by their families. Their wives and daughters were the only ladies among the passengers, and, according to the usual custom on board steamers, they were seated next to the captain in the places of highest honor. Doctor Bronson and his

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young companions were seated near the purser, whom they found very amiable, and they had on the opposite side of the table the two sea-captains already mentioned. Everybody appeared to realize that the voyage was to be a long one, and the sooner the party became acquainted, the better. By the end of dinner they had made excellent progress, and formed several lik

es and dislikes that increased as time went on. In the evening the passengers sat about the cabin or strolled on deck, continuing to grow in acquaintance, and before the ship had been twenty-four hours at sea it was hard to realize that the company had b

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een assembled so recently. Brotherly friendships as well as brotherly hatreds grew with the rapidity of a beanstalk, and, happily, the friendships were greatly in the majority. THE ENGINEER AT HIS POST. THE ENGINEER AT HIS POST. Life on a steamship at sea has many peculiarities. The ship is a world in itself, and its boundaries are narrow. You see the same f

aces day after day, and on a great ocean like the Pacific there is little to attract the attention outside of the vessel that carries you. You have sea and sky to look upon to-day as you looked upon them yesterday, and will look on them to-morrow. The sky may be clear

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or cloudy; fogs may envelop you; storms may arise, or a calm may spread over the waters; the great ship goes steadily on and on. The pulsations of the engine seem like those of the human heart; and when you wake at night, your first endeavor, as you collect your thoughts, is to listen for that ceaseless throbbing. One[Pg 53] falls into a monotonous way of life, and

the days run on one after another, till you find it difficult to distinguish them apart. The hours for meals are the principal hours of the day, and with many persons the table is the place of greatest importance. They wander from deck to saloon, and from saloon to

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deck again, and hardly has the table been cleared after one meal, before they are thinking what they will have for the next. The managers of our great ocean lines have noted this peculiarity of human nature; some of them give no less than five meals a day, and if a passenger should wish to eat something between times, he could be accommodated. Our young friends were too

much absorbed with the novelty of their situation to allow the time to hang heavy on their hands. Everything was new and strange to them, but, of course, it was far otherwise with Doctor Bronson. They had many questions to ask, and he was never weary of answering, as he saw they were endeavoring to remember what they heard, and were not interrogating him from idle curiosity. "What is the reason they don't strike the hours here a


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s they do on land?" Frank inquired, as they reached the deck after dinner. The Doctor explained that at sea the time is divided into watches, or periods, of four hours each. The bell

strikes once for each half-hour, until four hours, or eight bells, are reached, and then they begin again. One o'clock is designated as "two bells," half-past one is "three bells," and[Pg 54] four o'clock is "eight bel

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